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About Our Company

At Fresh Imports, we are a direct importer and redistributor of produce, who are always thinking of the end consumer in everything we do. With the best growers, quality service, and a culture of excellence, we deliver the freshest produce on the market.

Think Fresh.

Choosing our growers is where thinking fresh begins. When choosing the best, we set out to look for those who share the same values in integrity, innovation, and excellence.

Starting from the planting of the seed to the time of harvest, careful care is taken to ensure their produce is healthy and deliciously plump. As a result, Fresh Imports is able to house and sell one of the freshest, highest quality produce on the market.

Getting Fresh Produce to You.

Fresh Imports offers unparalleled customer service in getting produce to our buyers. We do this by establishing honesty in business, excellence in our operations, and high quality management of our Primus Certi"ed warehouse facility.

In addition, our goal is to ensure swift and efficient loading of our customers drivers and o!er the most competitive prices for our clients.

Fresh Imports now leases.

Hidalgo: Produce Drive

Located at the epicenter of import and export in the RGV.

Mission: Business Park

At the heart of business development in Mission Texas.
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