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Pineapple ❯ 

Pineapple Wholesale

Fresh Imports has quality Pinapples for our retail, wholesale and food service customers. 

Our Brands

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Available Sizes

5 Count

6 Count

7 Count

8 Count

Pineapple Stages

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All Green

Light Color Break

Mild Color

Some Color

Mostly Color

All Color Light Green

All Color

See Our Pineapple Harvesting Process

Fresh Imports sources MD2 “Super Sweet Pineapples” from growers who’s experienced in producing premium pineapples spans from 1991 to now. Located in Tabasco, Mexico they mange a production process meeting the highest standards of quality in international export. Hard work and innovation is taken to ensure the most exquisite, juicy and sweet pineapples are produced for our buyers.

The production process in our grower’s !elds involves a process that takes a little more than a year until our pineapples are ready for harvest. With strict monitoring by profession agronomists who observe and control external variables of the environment that in"uence the fruit’s quality. This attention to detail start from the seeding process and preparation of the dirt. First, the ground it tilled with specialized equipment, covered to prepare for the planting of the pineapple crown. After planted, the pineapple is fertilized early on, sprayed with pesticides, and covered with shade cloth to protect from the sun. Through a process of careful monitoring, our pineapples are harvest at peak quality.

From the !eld, our pineapples are carefully washed and enter a screening process that discards any fruit that doesn’t comply with our standards of exportation. Next, our pineapples are sanitized with disinfectant, bathed by a cascade of food grade wax to add brightness and protection to its texture. Using the latest equipment, our fruit is then processed using an automated machine that sorts fruit by its size and caliber. Once sorted, they are packaged by their respective groups and put in pallets to be exported to Fresh Imports.

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